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The Descendants tells us the story of a man (George Clooney) who finds out his wife has fallen into a coma after a boating accident. Even more troubling: he discovers his wife was cheating on him.  When the doctor tells him his wife isn’t going to make, he travels around Hawaii wrangling his two daughters, telling their friends about his wife, and stalking whom his wife’s lover.


This movie is a definite tearjerker.  George Clooney is fantastic at balancing his cluelessness when it comes to his daughters, his grief over his dying wife, and his anger at his wife for her betrayal.  The movie is heartwarming and has perfect moments of comedy to offset the sadness of the story.  This is a definite must see.

by: Lara Griffith

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  1. Debbiee #

    “The Descendants” is a great film, no doubt about it. But given the combination of golden globe and Oscar buzz I expected a lot more.

    The story and the premise of the movie is ideal. In fact, the tagline caught my attention enormously: “trying to reconnect with daughters.” That is exactly the type of movie I like. Instantly, I could tell this was a movie about character development and human connection, usually the type of movies with the greatest potential.

    Unfortunately, it was merely decent, but not special. It felt like the movie built up much potential, but failed to release it at a certain point through the movie. The complete movie, for me, felt too introductory in nature. Not necessarily the plot, because the plot does evolve, however the overall “feel” of the movie felt preliminary to a bigger and much more dramatic event which never happened.

    It is sometimes complicated to explain my feelings towards the movie because the fault wasn’t necessarily technical or specific. But it did linger around and distracted my viewing somewhat. I felt like there was still more to discover in both Clooney’s character and the character of his daughters. Also, I think this element alone impacted on Clooney’s performance. His performance was good, definitely, but again, because I felt like there was more to be explored, naturally, I also felt like his performance could have been added to (but not necessarily improved).

    Given the Oscar buzz of this movie, I have to compare it to other movies of a similar nature. And unfortunately, I didn’t feel like there was sufficient connection between the characters…although the potential to reach that connection was established, it was not acted upon in my opinion. Unfortunately I have to say there have been better developed “re-establishing connection” movies.

    All in all, this is an enjoyable movie, but it is missing some important elements which deteriorates the viewing experience to some extent.

    Have a nice day!

    March 9, 2012 at 2:54 pm Reply

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