EntertainMet Lands Exclusive Interview with Actress Brit Marling

EntertainMet was invited to take part in an exclusive interview with the star of The Sound of My Voice, Brit Marling. 2011 has been quite the year for the Chicago-born actress and triple threat…she writes, produces and acts!

After appearing at the Sundance film festival in 2011, The Sound of My Voice was picked up by Fox Searchlight and brought to the big screen on April 27th. The plot has been tightly sealed since it’s Sundance debut. Marling explained why it was so difficult to not spoil the movie until it’s release. “It’s so true. I love the feeling of going to see something in the theater and knowing nothing about it.  And those are some of my favorite cinema—I mean, I don’t watch trailers, I never read reviews. I love to read reviews after I’ve seen a film to see what other people think about it, but I always want to form my own opinion first. I think it’s sort of tragic that now, I mean, it’s just tricky.  It’s tricky to get people to come out to the theater at all, and especially for these independent films.  And it’s so important, because that’s sort of how they keep getting made.  And you don’t want to give away too much, especially in a film like this, in particular, there’s this sort of delicious pleasure in watching the mystery, having the mystery unravel for the first time.  It’s an unusual movie.  And this sort of suspense and like unsettling quality of it is really heightened when you allow yourself to just go and like have the experience and not know too much about it.”

Not only does Marling star in the sci-fi drama but she’s also one of the producers and co-writers. Does she consider yourself more of an actress than a writer? “You know, the way that I know I’m really an actress and not a writer is because I could never write something solely for somebody else, at this stage anyway.  At this stage, my curiosity is for the craft of acting and I’m so compelled and challenged by it. It’s such a fascinating thing to do, like what’s being demanded of you is so complicated.  Like, you have to be so deeply imaginative and innocent and vulnerable and you have to do that, like in front of all these people all the time.  And there’s no rough draft phase, the way there is in writing, you know?  Your rough drafts like happen and they’re filmed and recorded and it’s a fascinating experience, and it’s sort of like a heightened way to live life.”

Marling has many other projects lined up in the future including Robert Redford’s The Company You Keep. Make sure to check out this film in theaters!

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