Feel the Energy: Stanley Hotel 2012


Ever feel the hair on the back of your neck stand up?  The Metreport went to Estes Park last weekend to check out the Feel The Energy paranormal investigators convention at the infamous Stanley Hotel.  If that was not enough the Booth Brothers were there for a sneak preview of their new movie Children of the Grave 2 as well as a Paranormal House Party hosted by DJ Inferno aka Billy Tolley.

We got an interview with Billy Tolley and talked to him about his work with Ghost Adventures as an EVP  (electronic voice phenomenon) specialist.  Make sure to tune in friday the 16th at 12:30pm on Comcast 54 and we will take you inside the world of a paranormal investigator.

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  1. Benjamin Smith
    Ben Smith #

    Mad props to Joe Eddings for conducting an awesome interview!

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