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MSU Denver Student Media

MSU Denver Student Media produces Metropolitan State University of Denver's student-run weekly newspaper, The Metropolitan; weekly TV broadcast, The Met Report; 24/7 Internet radio station KMet Radio; and the annual literary and arts magazine, Metrosphere.

Our Social Stream

  • Going live in 5 mins on channel 54 comcast Denver.
  • Could be an interesting weekend with this being the first "legal" 4/20
  • Tonight the Avalanche kick off their playoff series against the Minnesota Wild....
  • http://kdvr.com/2014/04/15/little-boy-flies-like-a-superhero-thanks-to-make-a-wish/
  • It's MSU Denver Men's Basketball Day!
  • Are you planning on watching the blood moon tonight?
  • Tune in now to get all of your daily news on the Daily Met!